Due to social distancing measures, this year we won’t be hosting Iftar in our centre.

Instead, like last year, we’re aiming to provide thousands of Iftar meals locally to those in need and to NHS workers (at about £3 per Iftar meal), insha’Allah.

Also, through our Muslim charity partners, we’ll provide Iftar to needy Muslims around the world – including Gaza, Al Aqsa, Bangladesh, Somalia, Yemen, Lebanon (Syrian refugees), and for the Rohingya.

You can share in the blessings of this great service.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

Whoever gives iftar to one who is fasting will have a reward like his, without that detracting from the reward of the fasting person in the slightest.

[al-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah]

For every person you provide Iftar, insha’Allah you will receive the reward for their fasting. Imagine the reward in Ramadan for providing Iftar for a needy family for the whole month!

If you are a UK taxpayer, please don't forget to choose the Gift Aid option when you make your donation. We will use any Gift Aid collected, and any surplus from the appeal, as general sadaqah (charity).