Ever wondered how Muslims in the past located the direction of prayer (qiblah) using the stars? Or how Muslims out at sea navigated using constellations? Which astronomical instruments did Muslims invent, and how did they use them?

To answer these questions and more, this special planetarium show will showcase the contribution of Muslims to astronomy and help the audience navigate the current night-sky.

This special ‘Astronavigation’ version of the Astronomy and Islam planetarium show will be presented by a Royal Observatory astronomer. The astronomer will use the planetarium to travel though time and around the globe to explain historic methods of navigating by the stars on long sea voyages. They will also explain the instruments that were built for navigation and prayer, including the kamal and astrolabe.

The Astronavigation show is pitched at a higher level than the other Astronomy and Islam shows and is recommended for ages 11+.

Find our more at the Royal Observatory website and on the dedicated Facebook listing.

After the planetarium show, visitors are welcome to come along to a practical demonstration to learn how to sight the New Crescent Moon. Additionally, visitors will be able to extend their stay beyond the show to the historic part of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, which is included in the ticket price.

Greenwich is a wonderful place for a family outing, so why not make a day of it!