We have not sent you, O Prophet, except as a deliverer of good news and a warner to all of humanity, but most people do not know.

[Qur’an, 34:28]

The Prophets are among the greatest manifestations of Allah’s mercy, bringing the heedless back to Him. This course will seek to study various aspects of the risālah, including the proofs of Prophethood, its theological components, addressing doubts, and speaking on the noble traits of our Prophet ﷺ.

Every Monday after Maghrib prayer (please check the prayer times on our website)

Delivered by: Shaykh Muzzammil Ahmad, Imam of ELM

Location: East London Mosque

Men: Main Prayer Hall

Women: Maryam Centre, 2nd Floor

Free to attend, no registration required

For more information, call 020 7650 3008 or email [email protected]