Our schools

We have a full-time primary school for girls and boys, and a full-time secondary school for boys, both based in our complex. Read more

ELM Evening Madrasah

The mosque from its inception has been a place of education and learning. From Monday to Friday for two hours each evening children learn about Islam using the modern classrooms of the London Muslim Centre. Read more

Rainbow House

A private nursery based in the London Muslim Centre, Rainbow House aims to extend and nurture children through their early learning experience by using the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Read more

Saturday Islamic school

Saturday Islamic school (SIS) teaches children about Islam so that they can grow up as confident Muslims, successful human beings and responsible citizens. SIS has an emphasis on social learning and learning through play. It works in strong partnership with parents and mainstream schools. Read more

Al Qalam Madrasah

Al Qalam Madrasah offers supplementary education for children between the ages of 5–17. Read more

Somali Development Association

The Somali Development Association (SDA) offers supplementary education for children, and a range of other services, based in the London Muslim Centre. Read more

London Iqra Institute

London Iqra Institute provides children's supplementary education for our future generations, based on the fifth floor of the Maryam Centre. Read more