UPDATE: 6 Apr 2020 – Thank you for your amazing support, we have raised enough to provide the emergency facilities to cope with additional demand for Muslim funerals. Jazakum Allahu khairan. You can still help by donating to our food delivery appeal or to the Mosque itself to keep its vital services running. Any surplus or return from this appeal will be reserved to support Muslim burials.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is putting a huge strain on Muslim burial services. Sadly, this is expected to get worse in the days ahead.

We must provide emergency facilities, so we can cope properly with the overwhelming demand expected for Muslim burials.

We need to purchase a mobile mortuary and washing facility, and personal protective equipment for our brothers and sisters who are handling the deceased.

The East London Mosque is partnering with Eternal Gardens to do this. Please help by donating whatever you can afford; your charity in times of difficulty will never go unnoticed by Almighty Allah!

Those who spend (in the cause of Allah), whether in prosperity or in adversity;…
For such their reward is forgiveness from their Lord and gardens beneath which rivers flow (in Paradise), wherein they will abide eternally; and excellent is the reward of the (righteous) workers.

{Qur’an 3: 134, 136}

As the Muslim community, we must come forward to ensure our deceased are given a dignified Islamic burial, and to support their grieving families.

(This appeal is NOT eligible for Zakah; if you need to give your Zakah, click here.)

If you are a UK taxpayer, please don't forget to choose the Gift Aid option when you make your donation. We will use any Gift Aid collected for our general charity costs.

If there is any surplus from this appeal, it will be put into our welfare fund to help those in need.