One of the obligations for Muslims during Ramadan is to give Zakat al-Fitr.

Ibn Abbas reported:

The Prophet ﷺ made Zakat al-Fitr compulsory so that those who fasted may be purified of their idle deeds and shameful talk (committed during Ramadan), and so that the poor may be fed. Whoever gives it before (Eid) Salah will have it accepted as Zakat, while he who gives it after the Salah has given Sadaqah.

We estimate that £5 is enough for one person, which can then be used to provide food for the poor and needy in time for Eid.

It needs to be given on behalf of every member of a family, young and old. So, a family with two parents and two children would give 4 x £5, i.e. £20.

The East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre can collect your Zakat al-Fitr. We ensure it goes to the poor and needy by partnering with UK Muslim charities who have established procedures for ensuring it reaches beneficiaries on time. Please don’t delay in paying your Zakat al-Fitr, we recommend you pay no later than the 20th of Ramadan.

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