This immersive course is designed to guide new Muslims on a journey of self-discovery drawing from the profound teachings of Imam Ghazali’s revered work, ‘Ayyuhal Walad’.

Explore the timeless wisdom contained within this masterpiece, which serves as a beacon for personal growth and character development.

This course is only open to Reverts/New Muslim attendees

Starting from: Wednesday 19th June 2024

Time: 7:15pm–8:15pm

Delivered by: Shaykh Muzzammil Ahmad

Location: East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre

If you are interested in enrolling on to the course. Please complete the form below by clicking the button:


Registration Deadline: Sunday 16th June 2024

Please note, this class has limited spaces and therefore we will inform participants whether they can attend via a confirmation email.

For more information, contact us on [email protected]