Alhamdulilāh, by the grace of Allāh, Qur’ān Revision Project has organised this unmissable one day event at the East London Mosque.

The first of its kind in the UK! A great opportunity for you all to revise your Qur’ān and spend the whole day in the house of Allāh! Just imagine the feeling of sitting in the Masjid from Fajr until ‘Ishā’ with nothing but students and teachers around you, listening and reading the book of Allāh! Is there a better feeling?! Allāhu Akbar!

Do not miss out on this opportunity and sign up today!

• Reconnect with the Qur’ān.
• Strengthen your revision.
• Join the Qur’ān Family.

Register Here:

Hope to see you all there!