Our parents came to London on Xmas day 1969. They made London their home and raised their family here.

Our father raised four daughters on the Deen, and had 11 grandchildren MashaAllah.

We know his loss is being felt by many. May Allah SWT have mercy on him and raise his rank in Jannah. Ameen.

The East London Mosque Golden Dome appeal felt like a fitting sadaqah jariyah project for Dad.

The landmark dome and minarets of East London Mosque have stood as the proud embodiment of the British Muslim community for over 35 years. They have become a widely recognised feature of the London skyline.

However, the lifespan of these fibreglass structures has come to their end, so they need to be replaced.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to contribute towards the replacement costs.

All donors giving £1,000 will have the name of a loved one commemorated on a special display and hence our target is to reach this amount.

May Allah SWT accept it as sadaqah jariyah for Dad. Farzana Khundmir