The East London Masjid is a iconic British landscape which is admired by those who live close and far, use the masjid on a regular basis and on special occasions.

We want to aid & serve the masjid to become debt free, meet the needs of the increasing numbers of worshippers/demands/needs and improve the service it provides throughout the years to come.

Between me and my dad we ONLY have set a target of JUST £700.00 and we believe and rely on YOUR KIND GENEROUS donations in order to meet this target insha'allah.

So we kindly request you to dig deep into your pockets/wallets/bank accounts & donate as much as possible and also request for you to spread the word/link of my page to your family and friends to join in insha'allah.

Donations can be made via my link (top of this page) & if you want to give cash/bank transfer then kindly contact my dad- Muhammad Dobir Miah, mobile number 07863 117780.

Jazakallah hu khairaan for taking the time in reading, donating and sharing my fundraising appeal.

Dobir Miah