My name is Maria and I am 10 years old and brother Usman is 7 years old. We are taking on a big challenge to trek mount Snowdonia in Wales in March this year. This is off course a big challenge but we are ready to do this with me dad, I have had many challenges in life and this one will be no diffrent. We will be taking the Llanberis path, which will take us 6 to 8 hours there and back.

We are excited to see the views from the top but need you to help us reach our target. This money will help the East London Mosque continue to provide the many services to the community. We need you to dig deep and donate. This is the first Trek me and my brother are doing, we want to fo this more often but if you don't help us reach our target .....

Please help and donate as much as you can

Sadiqur Rahman