Ass-Salamu-Alaikum everyone.

On the 26th of September 2020 I will be riding from Cambridge to London to raise much needed funds. Kindly read the reasons below.

This is a Masjid which many of us hold very dear to our hearts. As we have attended many marches and struggled in the past for many years before the planning permission was finally given by Tower Hamlets Council .

Today we have a iconic building which is offering many services to our local community. One of the most active mosques in London which most of us should be proud of, setting aside the politics.

The services and activities are vital to keep the emaan of our community intact and to advance in Islamic knowledge, research and education.

Kindly support me to raise much needed funds to keep the house of Allah and the valuable services it offers running.

May Allah accept all our small deeds and reward you emmencely for taking part in this noble cause.

Sadequr Rahman