The East London Mosque (ELM) stands as a significant pillar of our community inspiring faith & goodness in us all. It has endured hardship during these unprecedented times & the house of Allah requires our help & support. Allah SWT will look after His house no doubt, but has given us an opportunity to assist & get closer to Him. It’s an opportunity to serve Him & His servants, so we’re teaming up to ease any financial hardship Allah’s house has been affected by. East London Mosque is our second home & we intend to utilise our health & wealth to support it insha’Allah by cycling from Cambridge Eco-Mosque to ELM. Please support us & ELM by donating generously whilst participating in blessed deeds during the month of Muharram/the month of Allah.. “Verily Allah is with those who do good deeds” Kayum, Hasnath, Najir, Kamal .