The Jamiat-ul-Muslimin was founded in 1934 with the objective of serving ‘the cause of Islam truly by creating facilities for the observance of its principles’.  I.I. Kazi was elected its first president, Said Amir its secretary and Noor Mohamad Sangha its treasurer.  In 1941, after pressure from the Jamiatul Muslimin, the London Mosque Fund bought terraced properties on Commercial Road to serve as an Islamic Cultural Centre and Library, but effectively to function as a mosque (the East London Mosque, ELM) under the supervision of the Jamiat.

Mr I.I. Kazi was a distinguished educationalist and eventually became the first vice chancellor of the University of Sind in Hyderabad in newly-founded Pakistan.   The Jamiat was at the forefront organising community activities such as moulud and Eid reception events in the 1940s and 50s. The Jamiat had branches in other cities in England and Scotland.

A leading member was Sulaiman Jetha (see