The landmark dome and minarets of East London Mosque have stood as the proud embodiment of the British Muslim community for over 35 years. They have become a widely recognised feature of the London skyline.

However, the lifespan of these fibreglass structures has come to their end, so they need to be replaced. Insha’Allah, the replacements will be exactly the same but will have returned the Mosque to its shining golden original glory.

We urge the Muslim community to take this once-in-a-generation opportunity to contribute towards the replacement costs, estimated to be around half a million pounds. Please help us preserve the Mosque by donating whatever you can afford, either on your own behalf or on behalf of someone else.

All donors giving £1,000 will have their name, or the name of a loved one, commemorated on a special display. These will be our Golden Donors! If you want to make it easier to become a Golden Donor, you can spread the cost simply by choosing to make regular payments, e.g. 20 months at £50 per month.


If you are a UK taxpayer, please don't forget to choose the Gift Aid option when you make your donation.

If there is any surplus from this appeal, it will be used for our general charity costs.

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