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Ramadan Online

Ramadan Online is part of the ELM's offering to bring the Mosque to your homes. With a whole host of shows and content, there'll definitely be something for everybody. So, Stay Connected to the East London Mosque this Ramadan.


Author: Salman Farsi

COVID-19 appeal: we deliver to those in need

With your support, we’ll get food and medicine to the needy and vulnerable


Author: Atikur Khan

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Amount raised: £29,015.68

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Giving Zakah

We have a Zakah account to ensure it is only used as prescribed in the Qur’an and Sunnah.



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Plan ahead to secure a peace of mind for your family!

Contact us to get help writing your will. This service is available to everyone regardless of the state of health


Author: Tozommul Ali

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