The East London Mosque is issuing this Invitation to Tender (ITT) to invite proposals from reputable law firms with proven track records and relevant experience. Our objective is to identify an exclusive partner to deliver an ’Islamic Will Writing’ service. If your law firm meets our criteria and wishes to be considered, please complete and submit the application form.

Key Tender Deliverables and Expectations

This service will give an opportunity to promote your services and enhance the reputation of your law firm, whilst bringing a beneficial Islamic Will writing service to the community. The successful partner will work with ELM to:

  1. Provide high quality will writing service
  2. Provide the service at a reasonable cost
  3. Educate the community via seminars and events on the importance of having an Islamic will in accordance with English law
  4. Publicise and market the Islamic Will writing service
  5. Hold initial contact surgeries and stalls at the ELM
  6. Give a discounted rate for ELM referrals
  7. Encourage the giving of a charitable legacy
  8. List ELM as its exclusive Mosque amongst any charities
  9. Provide the service in multi-languages, including Bangla, Urdu, Somali and Arabic (desirable)

ELM provision

ELM will:

  1. Publicise and market the service
  2. Educate the community via seminars and events on the importance of having an Islamic will in accordance with English law
  3. Provide facilities to hold surgeries and stalls
  4. Refer will writing requests exclusively to the successful partner

Application Process

You should apply using the online form below. The ELM will shortlist the most suitable companies to invite for an interview.

Application Deadline: Friday 16th August 2024
Review & short list proposals: 19th to 23rd August 2024
Interviews: 2nd to 6th September 2024

>> Click here to apply

Deadline for Submission

The completed application form must be received by ELM via email by Friday 16th August 2024

For further information and/or clarification contact us on 020 7650 3008, email: [email protected]

At a Glance

The East London Mosque has a rich history spanning over 114 years. It is London’s oldest mosque, now extended by the London Muslim Centre, Maryam Centre and the Synagogue building to form one of the largest and busiest Islamic centres in Europe. Over 1.8 million people pass through our doors each year, with more than 30 services and projects. This has been by the Grace of Allah, Who has blessed us with generous support from the community. This legacy of service and growth is a direct reflection of our commitment to meeting the spiritual, educational, and social needs of our diverse congregation.

  • Over 35,000 people come to ELM every week for prayers and
  • More than 70,000 people attend a week in Ramadan alone
  • Thousands more every week benefit from our services, or hire our facilities for events and special occasions
  • Hundreds attend our annual Islamic Will, Umrah and Hajj seminars in Bangla and English
  • Our website had over 2.2 million user visits in a year
  • The ELM social media pages have over half a million followers

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to see a world of God consciousness, respect, dignity and justice.

Our mission is to Serve, Educate and Inspire.

Our Values

  1. Service (Khidmah) – we are dedicated to serving our community with compassion and integrity, ensuring support for all in need. Our commitment to Khidmah inspires us to provide essential services that uplift and empower individuals, fostering a spirit of unity and care
  2. Accountability (Muhasaba) – uphold the principle of Accountability (Muhasaba), ensuring transparency and responsibility in all our actions. We are committed to maintaining trust and integrity within our community
  3. Excellence (Ihsan) – strives for Excellence (Ihsan) in all our services and initiatives, consistently seeking to achieve the highest standards and inspiring our community to do the same
  4. Knowledge (Ilm) – fostering continuous learning and intellectual growth within our community to empower and enlighten every individual
  5. Justice (Al-‘Adl) – promoting fairness and equity in all our actions while advocating for the rights and dignity of every individual in our community