The East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre delivers services and support for new Muslims under the name Discover One.

We look to support those who have entered Islam by providing educational and social services throughout the week, helping individuals discover the ‘oneness’ of Allah, along with other foundational tenets of Islam that will pave the way for life’s journey as a new Muslim.

A fundamental principle of Discover One is to situate its services in a safe space environment building a supportive convert community at East London Mosque.

By donating to East London Mosque’s new Muslim service, you will enable new Muslims to continue their journey in a safe, supportive environment, strengthening their knowledge of Islam, which in turn will increase your good deeds for the Hereafter, insha’Allah.

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In 2022 the East London Mosque facilitated 170 shahadahs – 84 new sisters, and 86 new brothers!

Following their shahadah, many New Muslims become disconnected from the wider Muslim community. We recognise that new Muslims need special bespoke services to make them feel welcome in places such as East London Mosque, where they can continue to learn about the beauty of Islam.

Without such support many new Muslims can feel lonely and as a result distance themselves from the Muslim community. Therefore it is vital that we support our new Muslim brothers and sisters – supporting ELM’s new Muslim service will help ensure new Muslims know that they are not alone.