Alhamdulillah, the East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre has been serving thousands of Muslims for decades. Although the Mosque is closed for prayers, we are continuing to provide vital services for the community on a daily basis – our Imams are advising people on religious matters over the phone and online. Vulnerable sisters receiving counselling through qualified counsellors. We’re delivering vital food and medicine to the needy. We are supporting the burial services due to the surge in demand.

Unfortunately, the Mosque’s income has reduced substantially due to the closure. We need your Sadaqah now more than ever! Your Mosque needs your support at this time of need.

Please set up a standing order for just £3 per week, or £12 per month or make a donation now

O you who believe! Spend of that with which We have provided for you before a Day comes when there will be no bargaining, nor friendship, nor intercession.

{Qur’an 2:254}

Atikur Khan