The East London Mosque in partnership with Islam Awareness Project (IAP) provides classes and support for new Muslims who need to learn more about the faith of Islam, as well as for those who are considering becoming Muslims.

Our weekly circles for new Muslims are on Saturday afternoons. Here they have the opportunity to learn some of the essentials in a relaxed setting, with the opportunity to ask questions and receive one-to-one guidance

Your contribution will help us to extend that essential warm welcome and provide much more insha'Allah. Without the help of Allah (SWT) in blessing us with the du’as and generous donations of our supporters, we would not be where we are today. We thank you for your support and very much hope you will continue to support us in the years to come, inshaAllah.

About Islam Awareness Project for Wowen

The Islam Awareness Project (IAP) for Women have been running for more than 30 years, with the support of East London Mosque, providing support to new and non-Muslims, which includes classes, open days, literature, social gatherings, befriending and other forms of support to new Muslims to learn more about Islam.

Alhamdulillah, by the mercy of Allah someone takes the shahada almost every week. We dedicate time and support to those considering taking shahada and assist in follow-up work to support new Muslims on their new journey.

Funding Support

The work of the IAP Women is done by volunteers, mothers, students and professionals who make time every week to help reverts to Islam and those considering becoming Muslims. in order to sustain the work and meet the growing needs of reverts and many interested in becoming Muslims, we need funding to provide the various services, projects and support.

Throughout the year we have a number of events and activities include:

  • Social gatherings
  • Iftar & Eid gatherings
  • Picnics and day trips
  • Taraweeh programme
  • Residential/retreats
  • Seminars and weekly Classes
  • Open days & Visit My Mosque day
  • Shahadah packs
  • Ramadan baskets
  • Eid gifts

Case Studies

Sister Claire is a 15 year old revert who became Muslim without telling her family out of fear they would throw her out. She wanted to pray but feared they would walk into her room and see her so she asked if she could pray in the bathroom to keep her faith hidden. IAP supported her with this difficult situation finding ways to help her pray and remain strong until her situation changed.

Sister Julia who came over here from Europe felt very isolated and lonely having no family here and not fitting in with the wider Muslim community. She attended IAP classes where she was able to learn more about Islam but also find friends to socialise with bridging the gap of being lonely. She has benefitted by attending all of the IAP events and loved the residential. She said, ‘I would be so lonely and depressed and have no one to socialise with. Would probably have had non-Muslim friends if I had not come to IAP’


Sister A- Revert of 2 years

'The few times I have been able to come have been amazing. I always feel welcomed and my heart full knowing I've learnt something to better myself as a Muslim. I'm so grateful to yourself and all the other sisters who have committed to the space and time because it means i have somewhere to go as a new Muslim as well as from a non-muslim background and not feel alone - which is something I had been worried about for many years when deciding to find my path to Allah. If the class wasn't around I would have found it difficult to feel that community feeling. As well as not knowing who to go to and where to turn for questions I have. I probably also wouldn't ask so many questions out of fear of looking silly. I think it would have made it harder and I would have taking longer to make that leap to Islam'.

Sister B - revert of 5 years

‘I have been coming to the classes for five years and have benefited so much from them. I have learned about the core principles of Islam which has been very beneficial, but the group has also been about so much more than that for me. It has provided me with a welcoming Islamic environment every Saturday, exactly what I need after the stresses and strains of the week and I leave each session feeling refreshed, spiritually and emotionally. I am also grateful for the special events they organise, such as for Eid as they have stopped me from feeling alone during these times as a revert and have provided me with friendship and community. The group is so well organised so I know who I can speak to if I need help and advice. I pray that this group goes from strength to strength as its able to help many more sisters, just as they have helped me’.

For more information, you can contact [email protected] or [email protected] alternatively call 020 7650 3000

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