By Shaykh Abdul Qayum | 5 Apr 2024

As we approach the end of the blessed month of Ramadan, I want to take a moment to reflect on the important points I shared during yesterday’s Friday sermon. This sacred month is a time for us to strengthen our connection with Allah, seek His forgiveness, and strive to become the best versions of ourselves.

In my sermon, I emphasise the significance of the last ten nights of Ramadan, particularly the odd nights, as there is the hope of reaping the rewards of a thousand months of worship during Laylatul Qadr, the Night of Power. I encourage you to increase your worship and supplications during these nights and the following day, just as our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (peace be upon him) used to do.

I also stress the importance of seeking Allah’s forgiveness, for He is Al-Ghafoor, the Most Forgiving.

And turn to Allah in repentance, all of you, O believers, that you might succeed

Qur’an 24:31

Remember, when Allah forgives, the sin is completely erased from one’s record of deeds.

As the month draws to a close, I remind all of you to pray to Allah to extend your lives so you may complete the month, for there is no guarantee of life. I also encourage you to supplicate to Allah to accept your good deeds, citing the example of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) who, after building the Ka‘bah, prayed:

Our Lord, accept [this] from us. Indeed, You are the Hearing, the Knowing.

Qur’an 2:127

Emphasising the importance of giving Zakat al-Fitr before the Eid prayer, I reminded the congregation that it is more rewarding than giving regular charity after the prayer. Through a Hadith narrated by the companion Ibn Abbas we learnt that:

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ ordained Zakat al-Fitr to purify the fasting person from idle talk and indecent behaviour, and to provide food for the needy.

Finally, I remind all of you that the end of Ramadan should serve as a reminder of our own inevitable departure from this world. Just as Ramadan comes and goes, our lives will also come to an end, and we will never return. I urge you to prepare for the final journey to meet Allah by accumulating good deeds and seeking His forgiveness.

As we bid farewell to this blessed month, I pray that we all strive to carry the lessons and spiritual gains of Ramadan with us throughout the year. May Allah accept our fasting, our prayers, and our good deeds, and may He grant us the opportunity to witness many more Ramadans in the future. Ameen.

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