30 April 2024 – In a spirit of continuous growth and improvement, the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre hosted a heart-warming event yesterday to honour the many volunteers and staff for their dedication in making Ramadan 2024 a success. The evening brought together volunteers, staff, and trustees to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of those who tirelessly served the House of Allah throughout the Holy Month. 

Hosted by ELM CEO Junaid Ahmed, the event commenced with a recitation by Imam Anisul Haque, one of the esteemed imams of the Mosque. 

"This appreciation event is for our many volunteers,” said Ahmed in his address emphasising the service and dedication of the volunteers. “Throughout Ramadan, you served our congregation, today we want to say thank you and serve you." 

Dr Abdul Hayee Murshad, Chairman of the East London Mosque Trust, echoed the sentiment and conveyed words of appreciation, acknowledging the blessings bestowed upon the community through the dedication of its volunteers. 

The event not only celebrated the achievements of Ramadan but also facilitated a review of key highlights from the month. Attendees provided valuable feedback to help enhance the services offered by the ELMT in the coming years. The group also engaged in exercises to identify areas that could be improved for next year's Ramadan, demonstrating their commitment to continuous improvement.

The East London Mosque Trust remains dedicated to building upon the successes of Ramadan 2024 and striving for excellence. By honouring its volunteers and gathering feedback from its community, the mosque strives to be a beacon of faith, service, and love for all who enter its doors.