After months of unprecedented closure, we are looking forward to the reopening of our Mosque. However, we must give paramount importance to the wellbeing and safety of the worshippers, especially as people from South Asian communities are more likely to be affected by Covid-19. 

Following the advice of the scholars, and working closely with Mosques and Islamic centres in London, we are taking a careful, gradual approach.

We are closely monitoring information about the continued spread of Covid-19. A local lockdown has already been imposed in Leicester, and Tower Hamlets is on the list of boroughs considered to be at risk of further outbreaks.

If there is no deterioration in London, we currently plan to reopen on Monday 13 July 2020, initially for Zuhr (including Jumu‘ah) and Asr only, with very limited capacity.

Those who cannot gain access to the Mosque to pray in jama’ah due to the limited capacity, insha’Allah, you will get the same reward.

Please follow these instructions and guidelines when coming to the Mosque after re-opening:

  1. The doors will open 15 minutes before the prayer. Worshippers must leave as soon as the prayer finishes; you can do your Sunnah at home or in your workplace.
  2. Anyone with any symptoms of Covid-19, or who has been in contact in the last 14 days with anyone with Covid-19, must not come to the Mosque.
  3. Social distancing and other requirements for safe operation have reduced our initial capacity to 245 men and 80 women (380 and 170 for Jumu‘ah). Once this limit is reached, no one else will be admitted to the Mosque for prayer.
  4. During this time of limited capacity, only those local to our Mosque who can walk here should come for prayers.
  5. Children under the age of 12 will not be admitted.
  6. Anyone over the age of 70, or anyone whose health makes them vulnerable, must not come to the Mosque at this time.
  7. To be admitted you MUST:
    • perform your Wudu before coming to the Mosque.
    • bring your own prayer mat
    • bring a bag for your shoes (you must keep your shoes with you at all times)
    • wear a face mask at all times
  8. Entrance and exit will be via Fieldgate Street only, to control the number coming into the Mosque. Outside the Mosque you must observe social distancing.
  9. Hand sanitizers will be available; you must use these on entry, and before and after touching any surfaces.
  10. Use only the marked prayer spaces in the halls, to maintain social distancing.
  11. There should be no socialising in the Mosque; it is only opening for congregational prayer. Shaking hands, hugging and other contact must be avoided.
  12. The Mosque will be closed between prayers, and will not be available for individual worship.
  13. The opening of the Mosque and the restrictions will be kept under daily review. Any changes will be notified using our website and social media.
  14. We urge our community to follow the guidelines and abide by the instructions of our stewards.

We will need everyone’s cooperation in these challenging times. May Allah ﷻ help us to re-open our Mosque safely for our community.