With the Grace of Allah the Most High, we were blessed with a Ramadan filled with spiritual growth, compassion, and unity. Throughout the holy month, we witnessed incredible generosity, dedication, and sacrifice from our congregation. Everyone connected to the mosque, truly embodied the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood at the heart of Islam. Alhamdulillah!

This was only possible with the spirit of service and dedication demonstrated throughout the month by everyone connected to the Mosque. We pay tribute and express our deepest gratitude to our dedicated Huffaz, staff, and volunteers. Their tireless efforts have made this Ramadan an unforgettable experience for all. Their commitment to serving the community and ensuring the smooth running of our Mosque during this blessed month has been truly inspiring. Jazakumullahu Khayran!

We would also like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our partners, particularly the charities working diligently to support our community throughout Ramadan. Your tireless dedication to serving those in need embodies the spirit of this Sacred Month. May Allah reward you abundantly!

Eternal Rewards Campaign

This year’s Ramadan saw the launch of a special campaign, themed ‘Eternal Rewards’, which aimed to encourage our congregation to help build a lasting legacy. The initiative sought to inspire worshippers to connect with the East London Mosque in a meaningful way by raising funds that will make a significant impact on our community for many decades to come, insha’Allah.

By working together, we believe that we can create a ripple effect of generosity that resonates far and wide, allowing us to reap the eternal rewards promised to those who give in the way of Allah during this blessed month.

As the Almighty says:

Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He may multiply it for him many times over? And it is Allah who withholds and grants abundance, and to Him you will be returned.

[Qur’an 2:245]

Ramadan 2024 Successes

We cannot express the joy we feel in seeing how deeply connected many of you are to the Mosque, which is why we want to share and celebrate some of the amazing successes from Ramadan 2024:

  • The Mosque was able to serve over 30,000 iftar meals, Alhamdulillah! An unprecedented over 1,000 iftar meals were served daily to worshippers. 
  • In addition, over 12,000 Iftar meals were distributed through our charity partners around the world to the needy in various countries, such as Sudan, Somali, Malawi, Bangladesh, Yemen and Palestine
  • The Mosque hosted 41 external charity collections during Zuhr and Tarawih prayers, raising over £450,000. SubhanAllah!
  • With your continuous support, the Mosque was able to provide over 500 food and iftar packs to the vulnerable, needy and refugees in our community throughout Ramadan.
  • A record number of people took the Shahadah at the Mosque during Ramadan, 63 in total.
  • We were able to raise over £444,191 in donations and £362,182 in pledges and Qard Hasanah (interest-free loans) from members of our congregation
  • We collected £96,528 of Zakat al-Fitr, which was then successfully delivered through our charity partners to needy people in various countries around the globe, such as Palestine, Gaza, Lebanon, Burma, Rohingya, Bangladesh, Kenya, Somali and Tanzania.

You will be pleased to know that throughout the month of Ramadan, much of the amazing work carried out by our staff and volunteers was showcased in the media. You can view some of the stories on our website.

Phase 3 Extension Progress

This Ramadan, we were privileged to have been able to enjoy the temporary opening of the Prayer Hall Expansion, allowing us to welcome even more worshippers during the month. We are incredibly thankful for the generosity and support of our community, which has brought us one step closer to the permanent opening of this new space. We look forward to the day when extension will be fully functional, bi’ithnillah.

Gratitude and Duas

None of this would be possible without your support. We are grateful for your ongoing generosity, without which it would be impossible to deliver the services and projects to the community and ensure that this House of Allah is preserved and well maintained not only for us but also for generations to come.

We ask Allah to accept our good deeds, Ibadah, Sadaqah, and fasting this year. May He forgive our shortcomings and grant us the strength to continue serving His Deen. Ameen ya Rabbal ‘Alameen!

With love and Salaams,

Your brothers and sisters at the East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre