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I believe we should help build as many masjid as possible

Muhammad Ahsan Awan is fundraising for East London Mosque

Muhammad Ahsan

I am fundraising for ELM prayer halls to provide a dedicated space for communal prayers and gatherings, enhancing spiritual connections and fostering a strong sense of community among believers.

A palace in Jannah

Sayem Ahmed

I'm fundraising for the East London Mosque expansion, a vital institution as one of Europe's largest mosques. Its stellar reputation for fostering unity, and promoting interfaith harmony is the driving force behind this initiative. The legacy of the mosque, which has grown significantly from its humble beginnings, underscores the need for expansion to accommodate the thriving community it serves.

Wania's fundraiser

Wania Shafi

As a Muslim woman I believe that often take things such as food and water for granted. As a Muslim woman I believe it is our duty to take responsibility and help as much as we can.

Syeda Afaz - Support ELM's Counselling Service

Syeda Afaz

I'm supporting the East London Mosque's counselling service because this is a much needed service in our community.

Atiks Dome appeal for ELM

Atikur Khan

The Mosque's dome and minaret caps have reached the end of their lifespan, and need to be replaced. Please help support me in restoring the iconic dome.

Samir Miah is Fundraising for East London Mosque

Samir Miah

Would love to help the Mosque