ELM Lockdown Appeal

Atikur Khan

Please donate during this lockdown in order for the Mosque to continue with its vital services

ARK's Trek

Atikur Khan

Supporting my local mosque

Help Hamza to raise £200 for ELM!

Steven Raina

Alhamdulillah I took my shahada at this masjid about 30 years ago😀 I’m keen to help out however I can InshaaAllah!

Ride 4 Your Mosque 2020 Saleh

Muhammad Saleh Maahi

Fundraising for the Masjid is something that will benefit everyone in everyway such as food and drink, area of prayer, increase in resources such as Qur'an. It is also another way of showing my appreciation as for what the Masjid has accomplished since its debut and how many people have restored their deen and even found Islam because of the Masjid's events and open hands with brilliant teachers and people.

Cambridge to London Cycle Ride for ELM

Abdul Mukith

Due to the closure and Coronavirus pandemic, the Mosques income has substantially reduced. It needs your help to continue to provide vital community services. On Saturday 25th September I will be taking part in the ride from East London Mosque to Cambridge Eco Mosque will be roughly 60miles to raise money for East London Mosque.

Abdul Awwal

Abdul Awwal

Supporting the House of Allah

shanu miah

On the 26th of September 2020 I will be Cycling from Cambridge to London to raise money for East London Mosque in order to keep the mosque vital services going.

Faisal's Cambridge to London bike ride

Faisal Alim

A local Mosque where we all come together in large numbers to pray to our creator, Allah S.WT.

Cycle to Cambridge eco-masjid!

Humza Khan

I strive to be charitable and when an opportunity arises which coincides with an activity, I try to participate.

Dilowars Ride 4 ELM

Dilowar Khan

I'm taking part to support our beloved masjid to continue provide vital services for the community

Jaber Khan Ride 4 ELM

Jaber Khan

I’ve taken the challenge to ride from ELM to Cambridge Eco Mosque as part of Ride for your Mosque, would appreciate any small donation from you all and help me reach my target.