Iap revert 10k challenge

Rafia Meah

Support New Muslims

IAP 10K challenge

Amina Abdi

The Islam Awareness Project (IAP) for Women have been running for more than 30 years, with the support of East London Mosque, providing support to new and non-Muslims, which includes classes, open days, literature, social gatherings, befriending and other forms of support to new Muslims to learn more about Islam.

Alhamdulillah, by the mercy of Allah someone takes the shahada almost every week. We dedicate time and support to those considering taking shahada and assist in follow-up work

revert 10k appeal

Syeda Khatun

Support new Muslim's

IAP 10k Appeal

Nazma Uddin

Insha'Allah, I am helping to raise funds for the essential work that IAP women (Islam Awareness Project) do to support our new Muslim sisters in Islam,

IAP revert 10k appeal

Rana Hussain

support new muslims

Nailah’s Dawah and New Muslim Fundraiser

Victoria Edwards

As a revert I know how valuable these kind of centres are for brining and keeping people on the deen.

IAP revert 10 k appeal

Aneesa Hoque

Support New Muslims

Revert £500 challenge

Beata Pasierb

Islam Awareness Project helped me as a new Muslim - now I want to give back

Support new muslims

Mokbuba Khatun


IAP Revert 10k Appeal

Shaheda Khatun

Help new Muslim reverts

IAP Revert 10K Challenge

Farzana Begum

Please help support the IAP project who work hard in helping our revert sisters in their beautiful journey to Islam.