01 March 2024 – Update on Extension Works to Men and Women Prayer Halls at East London Mosque

This Ramadan, we have temporarily opened the halls for prayers. However, the project remains incomplete and needs your generous donation.

Read more here: https://www.eastlondonmosque.org.uk/News/temporary-opening-of-phase-3-prayer-halls

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01 Dec 2023 – Update on Extension Works to Men and Women Prayer Halls at East London Mosque

  • We are delighted to provide you with a comprehensive update on the ongoing extension works to the men and women prayer halls at the East London Mosque.
  • We express our sincere gratitude, JazakumAllahu Khairan, for your generous contributions and unwavering support. Substantial progress has been achieved since the inception of this project, with our construction team diligently expanding the existing facilities to create a more spacious and accommodating space for prayers.
  • The extensive works on the men and women prayer halls encompass scaffolding installation, boarding up of the halls, and demolition of walls. Consequently, we seek everyone’s patience, understanding, and cooperation during this phase of construction. We anticipate the unveiling of the transformed prayer halls in the forthcoming months, Insha’Allah.
  • We extend our heartfelt appreciation for your continued dedication and commitment to this house of Allah, destined to significantly benefit the local community by providing an inclusive environment for all worshippers. Your invaluable contributions have been instrumental in making this endeavour a reality, and we eagerly anticipate sharing the final results with you in the near future.
  • For those who have made pledges or are contemplating donations for this noble cause, we kindly urge you to fulfill your commitments. Your support is crucial in facilitating the funding needed for the interior works and fittings of the new prayer halls.
  • Thank you once again for being an integral part of this transformative initiative.

You can you be a part of this Sadaqah Jariyah by:

  • £1,000 – Giving for yourself, or on behalf of your loved one – donations will be acknowledged on our Donors Wall on the 2nd Floor of the Maryam Centre
  • £365 – Contribute towards the new Mihrab and Mimbar
  • £300 – Contribute towards a Musalla share (prayer space)

London’s oldest Mosque is now its biggest and busiest, serving more than 35,000 people a week. The ELM has grown organically with our communities, and now encompasses four buildings; the East London Mosque, the London Muslim Centre, the Maryam Centre and the former Synagogue building, hosting over 30 community projects and services.

A monumental achievement for our community would be to complete the final development, to finally combine the old and new prayers halls for both men and women, adding more prayer space to our large congregation, and to introduce a new ventilation system. This has also given the opportunity to double the capacity of the women’s prayer hall on the 2nd floor of the Maryam Centre

Work is already underway to build the exciting Phase 3 development.

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