Baraka Khan Visitor Gallery (BKVG) is located within the East London Mosque's Maryam Centre. The BKVG is a unique space for welcoming visitors, with a perfect view of the main prayer hall, and facilities to present Islam and dispel misconceptions about the faith. It has enabled the East London Mosque Trust (ELMT) to offer a better visitor experience. Combined with exhibitions and courses, it has raised levels of delivery and professionalism.

The purpose of the BKVG is to:

  • improve visitor experiences
  • create exhibitions on Islam and the common religious heritage of the Abrahamic faiths
  • promote awareness of Islam and multi-faith dialogue
  • support community engagement projects

About the Baraka Khan Foundation

The Baraka Khan Foundation was established in loving memory of the late Barak Khan (1991-2016). Baraka was deeply committed to serving the community and was proud to be British and Muslim. She took every opportunity to increase understanding between different faiths and cultures. She had the innate ability to connect with people from all backgrounds, inspiring those around her to do good. Baraka raised over a half a million pounds for causes she held dear, supporting projects ranging from Macmillan Cancer Care and Great Ormond Street Hospital, to the Cambridge Eco-Mosque Project and, of course, the Maryam Centre.

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