When BBC London News heard the broadcast on the BBC World Service, they asked if they could come along and film. Khalil and Salma invited them to the East London Mosque on a busy Friday morning, where they filmed on the roof. The BBC so liked the setting, they stayed to do a live broadcast for their evening news programme. The segment included two of their children, Eesa and Asiya. They were able to film whilst the call to prayer sounded from the nearby minaret. BBC journalist Helen Drew donned a protective beekeeping suit and joined Khalil and Salma as they opened the hive and examined the frames.

Although the full news broadcast is no longer available on iPlayer, you can watch a very short clip here:

BBC – bees living on top of a London mosque

It was a very warm evening at the end of an exceptionally hot day. To keep the hive (and themselves) cooler, many of the bees came outside (if they're all crammed together inside, the hive temperature gets too hot). Khalil snapped a photo: