Almost every evening in the main prayer hall there is an informal circle, which can be heard in the male and female prayer areas. In longer days during British Summer Time this is sometimes after the ‘Asr or Maghrib prayer, for the rest of the year it is after the ‘Isha prayer.


Stations of the believers (English) – Shaykh Mohammed Mahmoud
Reminders based on Ibn Al Qayyim’s Madarij-us-Saalekeen.

Circle of refining (English) – Ustadh Jamal AbdiNasir
Qur’anic lessons led by a student of the world-renowned Shaykh Abdul Rashid Ali Sufi.


Fat’h al Baari (English) – Shaykh Abu Ahmed
Study of Ibn Hajar al Asqalani’s commentary of Sahih al Bukhari.


Riyaad As-Saaliheen (English) – Shaykh Abdul Qayum
Detailed study on the renowned hadith collection of Imam An-Nawawi.


Siratun Nabawiah (Bangla) – Shaykh Abdul Qayum
Study the biography of Prophet Muhammad  and his life.


Tafsir al Qur’an (English) – Shaykh Shafiur Rahman
A verse by verse weekly study of the Qur’an.


Tafsir Al Qur’an (Bangla) – Shaykh Abdul Qayum
Detailed verse-by-verse explanation of the Qur’an.


Principles of Fiqh (English & Bangla) – Imam Abul Hussain
Basic Islamic jurisprudence.