Monday 20th July 2009

The East London Mosque held a short ceremony for the commencement of work on its new development, attended by scholars, community leaders, councillors and other dignitaries.

Building on the tremendous success of the adjacent London Muslim Centre, the new centre will expand the wide range of facilities and services already available. There will be a much needed extension to the main prayer hall, improved facilities for the funeral service, and a Visitors Centre where non-Muslims can come to learn more about Islam and the Mosque. Over five floors will focus on providing facilities and services for women, including a new prayer hall, meeting spaces, project offices, educational facilities and a health & fitness centre.

The mosque's chairman, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, welcomed guests to the inauguration. Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham responded by praising the new development: “You need to be congratulated on the fact that you are building a huge a centre, two thirds of which will be used by women. There is this misinterpretation about Islam, that we don't allow women into mosques or allow them to be part of society. Here we have a centre that will be doing that.”

Newly elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Councillor Ahmed Omer, said, “What we have here are facilities that can be used by all again and again, and I am really proud to be here today and will continue to work to make the new building a success.”

Richard Barnes, Deputy Mayor of London, said, “When you look back to when this mosque was started, to what you’ve achieved today, you are all to be congratulated. I would encourage all to come here to see what the East London Mosque is doing for East London and indeed, London.”

Secretary of the Mosque, Ayub Khan, said, “This is a truly wonderful moment. We hope this new development, with its focus on the needs of women, will bring even more benefit to the community.”


Notes for editors

The East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre have commenced building works on an eight and half storey project which is primarily focussed on women’s need. It will contain brand new funeral facilities, new prayer space for men and women, women’s educational facilities and a women’s health and fitness centre.

For more information please call Mohammad Shakir on 020 7650 3006 or 07708 681014 or email [email protected]