Jim Fitzpatrick: An Update

Friday 14th August 2009

We are saddened to read that Jim Fitzpatrick MP did not like the arrangements at a wedding he attended with his wife at the London Muslim Centre.

Segregated weddings have always been popular in the Muslim community; the London Muslim Centre has facilitated them for over five years. It is part of the attraction for Muslim families so they can celebrate their happy day in a religious atmosphere, a custom which is also found in other religious traditions represented in Britain.

We have always allowed non-Muslim guests to be seated together without segregation, but this is entirely at the discretion of the families who have hired the halls.

Bodrul Islam, the groom commented, “I was made aware of Mr Fitzpatrick leaving at the end of the wedding. I was told that a member of my family also called Mr Fitzpatrick and his wife to call him back to the wedding and accommodate them. He had reassured my family that he had not been offended and he declined to come back.

“My wife and I chose the London Muslim Centre as a wedding venue as it catered for our families religious and cultural requirements.

“My family and I are upset and disappointed that he has taken his grievances to the national press rather than contacting myself or members of my family to clear any issues that he has with my wedding arrangements.”