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London East Academy achieves 100% A* to C two years running at GCSE

Friday 28th August 2009

For the second year running, pupils at Islamic school, London East Academy has achieved 100% A* to C grades at GCSE.

The results are encouraging for the Academy, which is based in Tower Hamlets and was set up only five years ago. This class is the second year group that have taken GCSE exams.

One pupil achieved a total of 11 GCSEs with three A* grades in Maths, Science and Arabic and the additional A2 in Arabic.

Hasan Kausar Ahmed, Deputy Head of the School commented, "The results are very impressive considering that the pupils only spend 50% of the time on GCSE subjects and remaining 50% being taught Islamic Studies which are not tested for GSCE. This gives other schools a clear advantage and we feel that the pupils have done very well."


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