The East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre is proud to be part of ‘The East London Sukkah’, as part of its interfaith religious dialogue.

A week-long, ground-breaking event bridging the gap between religion, politics, food and sustainability, hosted by people of the Jewish faith and the other faith groups of London, taking place at Spitalfields City Farm from 22nd – 29th September 2010.

Sukkah is a Jewish tradition, which involves a temporary structure being built during the festival of Sukkot. Traditionally Jews eat all their meals and sleep in the sukkah for the entire week, as well as inviting guests. The East London Sukkah takes its cue from this tradition of hospitality – building a sukkah that is not purely a space for Jews but for people of all faiths and cultures to meet, eat, talk and create. Traditionally Sukkah’s are private structures, but The East London Sukkah turns this on its head by creating a public space for exchange – a space for dialogue, learning and activism.

The East London Mosque will be contributing to the Sukkah, by donating fabrics used in its recent Eid Festival to decorate the Maryam Centre building structure. Students of the London East Academy will also be visiting the Sukkah during the week, as part of their religious studies curriculum to learn about the Jewish culture and faith.

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