The Islamophobic and racist English Defence League (EDL) has stated its intention to march through the East End of London. Its website bears the provocative message “Tower Hamlets – we’re coming”.

But Tower Hamlets has a proud history of challenging prejudice and promoting equality. We oppose discrimination of all kinds. We’ve worked and campaigned together for many years to build a successful, multicultural place where different communities and lifestyles live peacefully side-by-side.

We will not accept attempts to create fear and instability in our community. The EDL is a violent, bigoted organisation and an embarrassment to our country. They should be condemned everywhere. And they are certainly not welcome here – there is No Place For Hate in Tower Hamlets.

We call upon all local people, political parties, trade unions, cultural, youth, faith and community organisations to work together to unite our borough and defy the EDL’s attempts to divide us and stir up hatred. The people of the East End united 75 years ago to block the way to fascist Blackshirts at Cable Street. We stand ready to do the same to the EDL today.

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National Demonstration Sat 3 Sept Tower Hamlets
Assemble 11am Weavers Field, London E2 6HW

Called by Unite Against Fascism and United East End. Supported by One Tower Hamlets – No Place For Hate; Tower Hamlets Unison; Tower Hamlets UCU; Tower Hamlets NUT