08/08/2011 – 23:30PM

Rioters ran down Whitechapel Road this evening, damaging shops fronts along the way. They passed the East London Mosque on the opposite side of the road just as hundreds of worshippers were leaving after prayers and the breaking of their fasts for Ramadan.

Contrary to reports, ordinary worshippers kept the rioters away until the police, who were quickly on the scene, pursued the rioters back up Whitechapel Road. Mosque stewards ensured worshippers and passers-by remained safe.

Later this evening, as the Ramadan night prayers were about to begin, Shaykh Abdul Qayum, Imam of the East London Mosque, advised worshippers, especially young people, to keep away from riots and go straight home after prayer. The Secretary of the Mosque also appealed to the youth not to go out to see what's happening, but to stay well away from any trouble.