World Muslim Solidarity Committee and British Solidarity for Syria present:


Wednesday 29 Feb 2012 at 6pm
London Muslim Centre (Ground Floor)
46 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JX
Nearest tubes: Aldgate East / Whitechapel.

Known as Bilad Al-Shaam (Greater Syria) until 1918, Syria is the cradle of great civilisations and the accomplishments of its ancient people are renowned world-over. However with the oppression of its people by a brutal dictatorship, Syria'’s rich cultural heritage and its world standing is threatened today. The Asad regime has been trying to crush the people, with over 8000 killed, 350,000 injured, 200,000 imprisoned and over 22,000 made refugees.

Despite this, the calls for freedom, justice and human rights since the start of the Syrian Revolution of 15 March 2011, continues to grow. The Syrians’ resolve is unshakeable and their calls for self-determination and freedom will materialise.

Show your solidarity! Join this unity forum – the first of its kind in Britain.

Speakers Include:
Toby Cadman – War crimes expert
Anas Altikriti – British Muslim Initiative
Jonathan Fryer – Broadcaster & writer
Walid Saffour – Syrian Human Rights Committee
Lord Nazir Ahmed – Member of the House of Lords
Intissar el-Ghannouchi – Forum of European
Muslim Youth and Student Organisations
Wael Aleji – Syrian Christian, member of the
Syrian Revolution General Commission
Ghassan Ibrahim – Arabic Network News
Abdul-Hadi Arwani – Imam
Faisal Hanjra – Muslim Council of Britain
Shafiur-Rahman – Islamic Forum of Europe
Amal Saffour – Federation of Students
Islamic Societies
Dr Daud Abdullah – Middle East Monitor
Hasan Yusuf – Muslim Association of Britain

*Also video link with prominent figures inside Syria

For more info, contact: [email protected] / 07885 213 972