The East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre, located in the heart of Tower Hamlets, one of the host Olympic boroughs, will welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors during the London 2012 Olympic Games!

Activities and events taking place at Mosque and Centre during Ramadan, which coincides with the Olympics include:

  • Islam & Muslim Heritage Exhibition on display at the London Muslim Centre, where visitors can find out about the history of the East London Mosque, Muslim beliefs, art and culture, with regular timed tours of the Mosque.
  • Daily Iftar (breaking of the fast meal) at the London Muslim Centre. We will provide Iftar meals for over 500 people per day. Local businesses and individuals generously sponsor these Iftar meals.
  • Citizens Iftar in partnership with London Citizens on the 2 August 2012 (location to be confirmed) – an interfaith event with 3,000 people expected to break fast with Muslims, making it the largest event of its kind.
  • Tarawih (Night Prayers), the extra congregational prayers that take place during Ramadan. Tarawih attracts around 5,000 worshippers every night throughout the month!

Supporter & Partners:

Citizens UK, Islam Awareness Project, Islamic Forum of Europe, Pro-Bono in the LMC, Osmani Trust, My Neighbours, Hayaa Fitness, Engage, The Cordoba Foundation and MADE in Europe.