Friday Giving

On Friday 30th November 2012 the East London Mosque launched its Friday Giving campaign. All mosques benefit from the generous cash donations that worshippers give after the Jumu’ah (Friday) prayer – it makes a huge difference in covering running costs.

The campaign reminds worshippers just how special Friday is, and encourages them to try to give a little every week.

For those with no cash, a new way of giving is using Text To Donate – an easy to use service which allow people to donate any amount up to £10 using their mobile phone.

Another way to make Friday Giving easier is the introduction of weekly standing orders; simply complete the form and hand it in, and your weekly donation is automatically taken care of.

One of the benefits of text giving and standing orders is that if you’re a taxpayer, the Mosque can claim an extra 25% in Gift Aid, at no cost to the donor!

> Download Friday Giving Standing Order Form

To coincide with the launch, Imam Abul Hussain’s sermon stressed the virtues of Friday, and etiquettes related to attending Friday prayer. Some of these are reproduced below.

The Prophet said:
“Whoever recites Surah al-Kahf on Jumu’ah [Friday]
will be blessed with a light
that will rise from underneath his feet
to the peak of the sky.
This will be a light for him on the Day of Resurrection,
and he will be forgiven
for what is between the Jumu’ah [and the next] Jumu’ah.”
{Tafseer Ibn Mardawayh}

The Prophet said:
“The most beloved of actions
to Allah
are the most constant,
even if little.”
{Bukhari & Muslim}

The Prophet said:
“One of the best of your days is Friday.
On it Adam was created and on it he died.
On it the Trumpet will be blown
and on it all creatures will perish.
So send many blessings upon me on that day,
for your blessings will be shown to me.”
{Abu Dawood}

The Prophet said:
“Those who are not attending the Jumu’ah [Friday] prayer
should change their ways;
otherwise, Allah, the Exalted,
will seal their hearts
and they will be reckoned the heedless.”

The Prophet said:
“Whoever speaks in Jumu’ah
while the imam is delivering the khutbah
is like a donkey who is carrying books,
and for those who tell him to be quiet,
there is no [reward] for the Jumu’ah.”

Abu ad-Darda’ narrated:
“The Prophet was upon the pulpit and was addressing the people and he recited a verse,
and next to me was Ubayy ibn-Ka‘b
and I asked him:
‘When was that verse revealed?’
He refused to talk to me until the Messenger of Allah came down from the pulpit
and then he said to me:
‘You have nothing from your Jumu’ah, except your useless talk.’
When the Prophet had finished, I went to him and informed him of what had happened,
and he said:
‘Ubayy has told the truth.
If you hear your imam speaking, be quiet until he is finished.’”

The Prophet said:
“Every Muslim should have a ghusl on Friday
and wear his best clothing,
and if he has perfume, he should use it.”
{Bukhari & Muslim}

“Those who believe,
and do deeds of righteousness,
and establish regular prayers
and regular charity,
will have their reward with their Lord:
On them shall be no fear,
nor shall they grieve.”
{Qur'an, 2:277}