On Saturday, 24 February 2024, the East London Mosque welcomed over 100 Huffaz across the UK and Europe for an inspiring Qur’an Revision Day. Young and old attendees filled the mosque starting after the Saturday Fajr prayer to begin non-stop recitations that continued into the ‘Isha prayer that evening.

By the end of the event, 25 full khatams (complete Qur’an recitations) had been carried out. Leading the completion was an exceptionally gifted 10-year-old who diligently attended the popular event for three straight years. After recently finishing his memorisation, he admirably performed a full recital from dawn till noon – subhan’Allah!

Organisers praised the turnout. One of the imams of East London Mosque, Anisul Haque, glowingly recalled how such gatherings preserve the best tradition of Islamic scholarship. “This year, we had 130+ students reciting to over 75 teachers!” said Imam Anisul, while mentioning that students and teachers travelled from up and down the country, and even from France and Saudi Arabia.

“Some say, how did the likes of Imam Al-Shafi‘i complete two Khatams a day in the month of Ramadan? I say the Qur’an Revision Day is a witness to the fact that such achievements are very much possible! Allah accept from us all, Ameen!” Imam Anisul added, referring to the famous 9th-century Muslim scholar and founder of the Shafi‘i madhhab.

The Mosque’s CEO, Junaid Ahmed, reaffirmed how “we are honoured to host this cherished event uniting Huffaz from across the UK and Europe,” and added that “the special occasion spotlighted budding scholars striving to preserve the Qur’an.”

Beyond special events like the annual Qur’an Revision Day, Junaid stressed that the East London Mosque strives to serve its diverse community daily through myriad programmes and initiatives.

Picture: Junaid Ahmed, CEO of the Mosque and Imam Anisul Haque