This week the East London Mosque features in a BBC documentary, Welcome to the Mosque. We gave award-winning filmmaker Robb Leech exclusive access over several months. The result is a personal account of his experience, and the stories that unfolded.

Robb finds out about ablutions and prayer, sees life inside the Mosque, and is surprised when he discovers some of our meetings are segregated. His journey to understand introduces us to Omar, a bright young college student who explains why he doesn't want a girlfriend; and to a Muslim marriage service based in the London Muslim Centre ─could this be Robb's route to find a partner for life?

Robb listens to school pupils as they reflect on a recent Ofsted inspection, recounting the questions they faced. And we witness the unfolding story of three Bethnal Green schoolgirls who fled to join ISIS in Syria. Robb is there when our Media Officer, Salman, receives a distraught call from one of the sisters, then follows the emotional journey as Salman tries to help the families in their crisis. Welcome to the Mosque, BBC Two, Wednesday 30 September 2015, 8.00pm.

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