The East London Mosque will be fundraising live on Channel S (SKY 814) on Saturday 12th July 2014 from 3PM to 3AM.

We would welcome the support of viewers from all across the country. The Mosque and Centre is in urgent need of contributions to clear its debts of £3.5m, which was borrowed in Qard-e-Hasanah to help build the Maryam Centre.

Fundraising update for the development is as follows:

Donations Pledged: £5,954,390
Donations Received: £4,508,142
Donations Outstanding: £1,446,248
Development Cost: £9,500,000
Shortfall: £3,545,610


The new Maryam Centre has been opened for over a year now and adds to the collective successes of the British Muslim community.

Tune in with friends and family on the 12th of July to find out how your donations have grown.

To donate during the live fundraiser call:
020 8523 1666 or 020 7650 3000

Channel S Studio Hotline:
020 8523 4111