12 Mar 2016 – Once again Britain First failed as they attempted to provoke trouble at the doorstep of the East London Mosque. A small group of their most notorious members misappropriated both the flag and the cross in another embarrassing episode earlier today, shortly after the Mosque's midday prayers. As the Police stepped in, worshippers and passers-by united to condemn Britain First. Amongst them was widely respected interfaith leader, Rev Alan Green, who made it quite clear that Britain First does not speak for Christians whatsoever.

This was just the latest failed Britain First protest in Whitechapel:

  • Britain First previously tried to incite trouble by swigging cans of lager outside the Mosque late at night, only to be completely ignored.
  • Their attempt at a Mosque invasion failed when their vehicle was spotted by a traffic warden on a pedestrian crossing.
  • Just last week their rain-soaked protest outside the Mosque, described in the press as 'cringe-worthy', descended into farce as their leader tried to argue about Christianity with police officers.

Although the Britain First protests have all been abject failures, there is a danger their continued harassment may lead to violence, causing fear and tension in our community. Tower Hamlets is united against their un-British, un-Christian and unwelcome presence.

> Tower Hamlets Church Leaders’ Statement on Britain First