On Saturday 6 September, MADE in Europe based at the London Muslim Centre ran the first Tour De Salah cycle challenge with the support of Ibn Battuta Expeditions. Tour De Salah is a 100km endurance cycle around London with cyclists stopping to pray each Salah (prayer) at five of our capital’s iconic mosques.

Starting with Fajr Salah at the East London Mosque, the group of 43 cyclists made their way down to Kingston Muslim Association for a quick break before heading to London Central Mosque for Zuhr Salah and to enjoy MADE in Europe’s Eco Fair, a family fun day promoting environmentally friendly and ethical living.

The cyclists reached Muslim Community & Education Centre in time for Asr Salah, moving on to Harrow Central Mosque for Maghrib Salah ending up at just after 21.00 at Al Manaar for Isha Salah.

One of the cyclists, Hesham Abdalla commented “Physically the journey was hard but the camaraderie and brotherly love amongst the group took us through this adversity and it felt less like a sporting challenge and more like a pilgrimage. We were spurred on by the purpose of our mission to support the Palestinian farmers and encouraged by our hosts at the inspirational mosques we visited on the way.”

The Tour De Salah cyclists were raising funds for MADE in Europe and Zaytoun’s #BuyPalestinian campaign, an initiative to support Palestinian farmers access a market in the UK for their products such as dates and olive oil. Palestinian farmer Taysir Arbasi gave this message to the cyclists, “Your cycling to the different mosques has made us feel strong by knowing you are there caring and remembering us and the future were are trying to protect. You are part of our everyday struggles and one day inshallah part of our everyday celebrations.”

Sarah Javaid, the Director of MADE in Europe said: “Tour De Salah is a unique initiative to get more people in Muslim communities cycling. Islam teaches us to “tread lightly” on the earth and be aware of the impact that our lifestyles have on Allah’s creation. Cycling is a fantastic way to reduce our individual and community carbon footprint while benefiting our health and personal wellbeing at the same time!”


If you’d like to be part of the next Tour De Salah please get in touch with [email protected] or visit www.madeineurope.org.uk.