The East London Mosque launched a historic appeal to raise £1.5M in Ramadan to buy the synagogue building. How fortunate we are that Allah has granted us this opportunity – and in Ramadan too!

As in the past, we are asking the Muslim community to show what we can achieve together. May Allah inspire every brother and sister to donate at least £100 – together we can raise the money and reach our goal, insha’Allah. We are making this appeal to the congregation at each prayer, and will make special appeals during Tarawih on the 25th (Saturday) and 27th (Monday) nights – by the Mercy of Allah, perhaps one of these will be Laylatul Qadr!

Don’t allow Ramadan to pass without taking this great opportunity! You can make your donation at any time in cash, by card, online or at the Mosque reception – and remember, if you’re a taxpayer we can claim an extra 25% from the government, simply leave your details.

Allah has brought this opportunity to us in the most blessed of months. May He enable us to earn His great favour.

Please donate, then ask as many people as you can to do the same – if 15,000 people give £100, that will be £1.5 million, insha’Allah! Why not forward this message or a personalised message to all your contacts?

May Allah accept all our ibadah including this sadaqa jariyah, and may He grant us His forgiveness and His blessings.

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