28 Oct 2023 – The East London Mosque renews its call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and urges the UK government to listen to the overwhelming majority of the British public who are demanding an end to the bloodshed without delay. 

Yesterday's ground invasion has heightened our concern over Israel's devastating and unrelenting campaign, claiming an estimated 8,000 Palestinian lives, with innocent children paying the highest price. We desperately need an instant ceasefire and swift relief for Gaza's anguished civilians.

While we welcome the UK government's announcement that it will assist British citizens trapped in Gaza, we emphasize that all of Gaza's civilians, not just UK passport holders, deserve protection from indiscriminate bombing and shelling. The failure to unequivocally condemn attacks on civilians is extremely troubling, as it effectively gives Israel carte blanche for its military operations against a civilian population. 

The ELM is extremely troubled by the dangerous precedent this sets for the future. The blatant disregard for and failure to uphold international law, protect civilians, and promote fundamental human rights and dignity undermines the legitimacy of the international rules-based order.

Every extra second of inaction and indifference condemns more innocent civilians to death and deepens the cycle of violence. We therefore urge moral courage and principled leadership to prevent further loss of lives.

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