Muslim-led campaigning organisation MADE in Europe with the support of East London Mosque has come together to hold a unique event calling on Muslim communities to switch to buying fairly traded goods.

This came in support of MADE in Europe’s #BuyPalestinian campaign, which highlights the importance of supporting Palestinian farmers in the face of conflict by proactively buying their fairly traded products such as dates, olive oil and almonds, to help them work their way out of poverty and allow for more economic empowerment and freedom of the Palestinian people.

The event held on the 5th March 2015 in the London Muslim Centre brought community members, leaders and organisation together to give a first-hand account from two Palestinian farmers about their experiences with Fairtrade and how it has changed their lives. One of the farmers who produces Fairtrade goods commented, “Of course we are happy to have our produce sold but there are still hundreds of farmers still struggling that need our support.”

Switching to Fairtrade means that farmers are given the money that their goods are worth, instead of all their profits going to the large companies that they supply to. Fairtrade ensures that the farmers are paid up front, upholding the hadith: “Pay the worker before his sweat dries.” (Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah). Unfair trade affects Muslim majority countries around the world keeping them in a cycle of debt and poverty.

The Imam of East London Mosque, Shaykh Abdul Qayum, came out in support of the campaign and gave an inspiring keynote speech at the event stating: “It is our responsibility as masajid, Islamic institutions and Muslim communities to raise awareness of this issue.”

He followed this with a sermon on the importance of Fairtrade and justice within Islam. This event was held as part of Fairtrade Fortnight and East London Mosque's efforts to become one of London’s only Fairtrade Mosques.


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