In an uplifting gathering held on 6 March 2024, the East London Mosque brought together community members for an unforgettable evening titled “Qur’an: The Eternal Companion”. The inaugural pre-Ramadan event provided a unique and rare opportunity for congregation members to meet and greet the four Imams who will lead this year’s Taraweeh prayer.

The evening started with captivating recitation by Shaykh Syed Anisul Haque, one of the Imams of the East London Mosque. The audience was also treated to a series of heart-rending recitations by the other Huffaz.

Junaid Ahmed, the CEO of the East London Mosque, extended a warm welcome to the attendees who filled the London Muslim Centre hall, emphasising the significance of the gathering. “This event is intended to build a greater connection with the Qur’an,” said Junaid. “How do we make the Qur’an our companion and use the month of Ramadan to re-energise our love and connection with the word of Allah?”

The event featured an impressive line-up of Huffaz, including Shaykh Mu’Taz Al-Ghannam, Shaykh AbdelRahman Ebrahim and Shaykh Hazam Al Seif. They will lead the Taraweeh prayers along with Imam Syed Anisul Haque.

One of the highlights of the evening was the personal stories shared by the four Huffaz about their journey in committing the entire Qur’an to memory. The audience listened in awe as the Imams recounted the struggles, sacrifices, and unwavering dedication that led them to achieve such a remarkable feat.

Imam Abdul Qayum, the Head Imam of the East London Mosque, also took the stage to welcome the visiting Imams and offer heartfelt supplications for the upcoming month of Ramadan. He emphasised the importance of seeking inspiration from the Huffaz and striving to make the Qur’an an integral part of daily life.

Shaykh Muzzammil Ahmad, another of the East London Mosque’s Imams, delivered thought-provoking Naseehah (advice) to the congregation, reminding them of the significance of the Qur’an in their lives.

The event provided a rare and unique opportunity for congregation members to ask questions directly to the Huffaz. This interactive session was a treat, allowing audience members to understand the blessings and challenges of undertaking the noble journey of memorising the Qur’an. The Huffaz responded with wisdom, compassion, and a genuine desire to help the community grow in their love for the Word of Allah.

During the event, the mosque also launched exciting Ramadan campaigns and provided updates on their impactful projects and services. The attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose and a desire to strengthen their bond with the Qur’an during Ramadan and throughout their lives.

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