The East London Mosque (ELM) hosted its first ‘Community Conversation’ on Monday, marking a significant step towards fostering dialogue, community engagement, and continuous improvement. An open invitation was extended to all supporters, donors, and well-wishers, demonstrating the mosque’s commitment to inclusivity and transparency. 

Dr Abdul-Hayee Murshad, ELM chairman, introduced the mosque’s leadership team and set the stage for the evening, emphasising the commitment to providing a service that the entire mosque community can take pride in. The event featured a captivating overview of ELM’s history by the CEO, Junaid Ahmed, highlighting key milestones and the mosque’s central role in the life of the communities it serves.

The Community Conversation served as a platform for attendees to share ideas, offer feedback, and make suggestions, presenting a unique opportunity to learn more about the mosque’s current services and projects. It was also an occasion to meet and greet with the trustees, CEO, and staff members, fostering a sense of community and connection.

Attendees were briefed about the extensive services offered by ELM, ranging from religious and educational support to unique initiatives such as beekeeping and charity collections. An update on the ongoing Phase Three expansion presented details of the enlarged prayer hall, with a fundraising appeal of £1.9 million announced. Members of the public were also briefed on the replacement of the iconic golden dome.

The evening’s highlight was a rare opportunity for congregation members and service users to engage directly with ELM management. The chairman stressed the importance of community feedback for service enhancement. At the same time, the CEO expressed a commitment to continuous improvement, aligning with the mosque’s dedication to serving, educating, and inspiring its community. The Community Conversation marks the beginning of an ongoing dialogue shaping the future trajectory of this esteemed institution.