The East London Mosque is excited to announce the launch of our new “Faith in Environment” project, an initiative that seeks to integrate environmental awareness and action into our daily practices and teachings. This project reflects our ongoing commitment to promoting positive change and taking care of our environment, which we view as an integral part of our faith.

As stewards of the Earth, we have a moral and ethical responsibility to protect and preserve our environment,said CEO of East London Mosque, Junaid Ahmed, at the launch.
Our 'Faith in Environment' project is not just about environmental conservation; it's about living our faith through mindful actions that benefit all creation.

The initiative kicked off with a special Friday sermon addressing the theme of environmental stewardship, emphasising the core Islamic value of caring for the Earth. This spiritual message was complemented by the launch of practical initiatives, including the placement of clearly marked recycling bins throughout the mosque and its affiliated schools.

The East London Mosque’s campaign focuses on several key initiatives to promote environmental sustainability:

  1. Reducing waste through mindful consumption and recycling
  2. Practicing moderation in the use of resources such as water and electricity
  3. Avoiding single-use plastics in favour of reusable alternatives
  4. Maintaining cleanliness in communal areas
  5. Proper disposal of materials to prevent environmental contamination

To mark this important initiative, lead officers from the borough attended the launch event and participated in the stalls, underscoring the strong partnership and community support for the mosque's environmental efforts. 

The East London Mosque is committed to nurturing a healthier environment for current and future generations. We believe that through our collective efforts, guided by our faith and ethical principles, we can make a significant positive impact on our local and global environment.